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New Public Art Project

Thursday, September 20, 2007


These images are from a painted installation at the Creative Industries Precinct on the Kelvin Grove campus of QUT.

The project was done at night using projectors over one week with the help of Kenji Uranishi and Jo Daws.

My brother-in-law Kenji is a ceramics artist and Jo is a landscape painter who also works with ceramics. The completed painting was 12 metres wide and called 'Fortitude'.
Fortitude comprised images from Fortitude Valley and Westend in Brisbane at a time when both environments were undergoing massive social and architectural changes. I believe the word Fortitude sums up the ability of these two suburbs, both rich with history, to take on the challenge of a rapid change. They both adapt to the new while remaining centred in their respective histories.

Drawing from models

This is still the best way to draw

Early portraits

All these portraits are made with acrylic paint and Indian ink. They are on paper or Masonite and were all painted in 2003

Photoshop fun

Lately i have been hand drawing black and white outline images and painting them in photo shop. The process and finish is less textural than using paint but the gesture of painting still exists and its allot less messy!

Monday, September 17, 2007

recent paintings (acrylic)

Brunswick Mater 900 x 1200mm

Mel and Dan 900 x 1200mm

Michelle and Clay 600 x 900mm

Given Tce. Paddington with Japanese sky line 1200 x 3100mm

Power to the Boundary 900 x 1200mm

Recognition 1 600 x 1200mm

Beautiful Mater

This is my most recent painting. I finished it yesterday. My aim was to use block colour, abstraction and poster-realism. The work is 900 x 1200mm in acrylic and Indian ink